Our Process


Here at RGE we can assist you at any stage of your project. This could be developing your initial idea, or if you have an infrastructure already installed and need us to expand it as well as also providing any technical support, consulting or maintenance.​


Contact us with as much or as little information as you have. Feel free to call or email us and one of our team will be in touch and happy to assist. ​

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Once contact has been made, our highly skilled team will assess exactly what is required as well offering a cost effective and safe solution.​

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A full detailed design can be produced to turn your concept idea into a fully compliant project.​

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A full range of drawings can be produced in CAD or BIM as well as comprehensive documentation including Written Schemes of Examination.​

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When our proposal meets with your requirements and expectations, you will enter into contract with us. ​

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The onsite installation team will ensure that the project is delivered to the highest quality standards, snag free.​

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Working alongside your team, we will aid in ensuring the handover procedure is as smooth as possible.​

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Lasting Support

A maintenance schedule can be produced, and we can also provide a service contract for as long or short as required.​

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